Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when can I eat with you?

Please check out our ‘Find Us’ page above for up to date information on where we’re trading in the current month

When is your Lichfield Unit open?

Monthly on a Friday 5-9pm for our Classic Indian Style Fish & chips menu, plus our famous Kashmiri Chicken Burger and Chicken strips.  Click here for more details

How do I book The English Indian?

Fill out our enquiry form here and we’ll reply with our availability and pricing in a super speedy manner

Are you gluten-free?

Yes! We’re naturally gluten, nut, egg and beer free, All our menu’s have allergy advice attached and our staff are very happy to help and provide further information. We are accredited by ‘Allergy Companions’ as a ‘safe’ place to eat out with allergies.

For more allergen advice click here to visit our Allergy Information page

How Spicy is your food?

Our spicing is subtle and used for flavour rather than heat.  The curry sauce and the chaat masala on the chips have the most spice, but this is still very mild.  We can prepare meals without the curry sauce and chaat masala seasoning on the chips for those who cannot tolerate any spice at all and can offer a taste before we prepare your meal for you to assess for yourself.

What areas do you cover?

We’re based in Lichfield but do travel across England for some large bookings.  We add a travel surcharge for fuel and staff time when travelling over an hour from our base.

How long do you take to set up?

We arrive on-site approximately 1-1.5hrs before we’re due to serve. 

How long do you take to serve 100?

This depends on how many staff we bring.  If you need 100 people serving in 30 mins, we bring more staff to make this happen, but in general, it would take around 1 hour.  We have served 500 people in an hour using 2 vans and larger teams.

How long can we keep you for/stay open until?

We will stay until we have fed all your guests, which is usually within 2 hours.  If you need us for longer than 3 hours, there’s a surcharge.  Our vans can be booked for either a lunchtime booking or an evening booking, but if you need us to span across both, a surcharge is added to off-set the loss of a 2nd booking the same day.

Can we have a mix of 2 menus, fish, and chicken?

No, you can book us for either the Indian Style Fish & Chips or Indian Style Chicken and Chips menu.  Both menus are gluten, nut, beer, and egg free and have veg and vegan options.  We keep each food item separate during preparation, cooking, and hot holding to avoid cross contamination, and so we don’t have enough space to combine 2 menus.

We don’t have any electricity; can we still book you?

Yes, we do have our own generator, but due to its size and difficulty transporting, we add a surcharge.  It is often more cost effective to hire a generator local to your venue.  Please discuss this with us so we can advise the best option for you.

Can you cater for someone with a severe fish allergy?

Yes, all food items are stored, prepared, cooked, and hot held separately, and the staff change gloves and clean serving utensils before serving someone with this allergy.  The vegetarian halloumi or vegan artichoke meals are safe for someone with this allergy to eat.  The Chicken & chips menu is completely safe for someone with a fish allergy.

Get in touch

Got at least 50 hungry guests to feed?  Does your budget meet our minimum fees below? If you answered, YES, fill out the form and brace yourself for a feast that’ll blow your mind.  We promise you’ll receive a super speedy reply with costs and availability.

Mon – Fri Lunch (£840+vat)
Mon – Thurs Eve (£960+vat)
Fri Eve, Sat, Sun, Bank Holidays (£2040+vat)

We do small and intimate, but if you’ve a large number of people to feed in a small space of time, we can do this too.  We have 2 vans and can serve up to 600 people in 1 hour