SO how much is it going to cost? Finding a caterer to fit your budget…

So you’ve got a special occasion coming up and you need a professional, reliable caterer who can provide tasty, freshly cooked food and ensure your event goes perfectly to plan – no hassle, no stress.

But how much is it going to cost? What’s an acceptable price to pay per person? How do you put a value on the amount you’re willing to spend to feed each of your guests? These are tough questions.

In the food truck catering industry you’ll find a huge variety of options, and with that, a whole range of prices, from snack-sized portions at just £5 per person, through to larger and more extravagant meals at £15 per head or more.

And when it comes to the price you pay, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer. The day of the week and the month of the year, and even whether it’s a lunchtime or evening service will all affect the total cost of your catering.

Street food is at its most popular during warmer months as people generally need to come outside to collect and eat their food. In some cases, though, food can be cooked in the van outside then delivered inside to where guests are keeping warm and dry. This type of service would need discussing with the caterer and is one to consider if your event is in one of the colder months.

Because street food is in high demand in warmer months, you’re likely to see an increase in prices from April to September. The weekends are when demand is highest too, so expect lower prices if your event takes place Monday to Thursday, and also lower prices for lunch over an evening booking.

Be aware that weekends in July and August are the busiest in this industry, so understandably prices will be at a premium and availability snapped up well in advance.

If you were looking to book The English Indian for your event, this is an example of our pricing:

We offer packages that start at just £5 per head for a minimum of 175 covers, up to £12 per head for a minimum of 70 covers. We have premium packages that can also include drinks and desserts too.

These packages are available seven days a week, and will vary in price dependent on the time of day and day of the week. The average cost to hire us will range from £840-£2,040.

We’re certainly not the cheapest option, but we do believe we offer excellent value with our delicious, high quality food, professional service and hassle-free set-up.

Nevertheless, we may not be the right fit for your event, but at least it will give you an idea. There may be caterers out there which will better suit your budget, but it’s always advisable to do as much research as you can. A good place to start is their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Read reviews and comments and check out their Google reviews too. These reviews should all be legitimate and give you a real sense of what other customers think.

It’s advisable to start your research early and, if possible, visit your potential caterer at one of their public events so you can try their food for yourself and watch them in action. This will either make you think again or concrete your desire to get them booked up.

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