Will Everyone Like The Menu?

Catering for a crowd – Will Everyone Like the menu?

This is a very important question, and one we get asked often. You need to try to satisfy many different palates using just one supplier, and just one menu. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, even liking the same thing but cooked differently. Then there are those with allergies to consider too. These are not easy decisions to make, especially when it’s your reputation on the line.

Our menu is basically fish and chips, but with an Indian twist. The Indian twist only elevates the meal, improving the flavour and eliminating the need for any further seasoning.

How many of us douse our fish and chips in salt, vinegar, tomato ketchup and a range of other sauces to enhance the flavour? 

Instead, our chips have a light coating of a delicious blend of Indian spices in the form of the very popular chaat masala, and the fish is coated before being fried in the lightest and tastiest pakora batter.  We then garnish with fresh coriander and lime (our vinegar substitute) and serve this with delicately flavoured mint and chilli garden mushy peas, alongside an Indian style chip shop curry sauce. Ketchup and mayo are obviously still available for the sauce fiends among you!

The spices we use are very subtle and used to flavour, not heat – but for those with a severe intolerance to any spice at all, we can serve chips without the chaat masala and curry sauce.

Our non fish-eating customers can choose from delicious pakora battered halloumi (vegetarian) and pakora battered artichoke (vegan) with sweet chilli sauce. The chips, peas and curry sauce are all vegetarian and vegan friendly, and everything on our standard menu is gluten-free too.

In this way, we firmly believe that we tick lots of boxes when it comes to offering a single menu which caters for the broadest range of tastes and requirements. It’s true that it’s difficult to please absolutely everyone, all of the time, but we think our offering is certainly a crowd pleaser – and it might just be the winner for your catering needs.

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